The Online Archive of the Queer Memory Project (QMP) of Northern Colorado is an educational resource for displaying fragments of the region's queer past. It currently consist of more than 200 documents, images, photographs, news reports, ephemera, and similar materials. Many of these items only exist as digital resources; others are kept in the physical collection of the Queer Memory Project or in the collections of partnering individuals or institutions. Details about each item are available by clicking on the item image or name.

The online archive is an evolving part of the Queer Memory Project and will continue to grow as we do our work. As new items come in, we will process and update these items to the archive as soon as possible. You can learn more about donating physical or digital copies of your materials here. However, like all collections, not all items will be displayed at all times. Currently, 40+ items of the online archive's 200+ total items are on display in the QMP Permaneant Collection and Exhibit. These items range from 1861 to 2022. A further 35 items can be discovered by browsing the archive. 

You may review all the items currently on display by clicking "Browse Items" on the task bar above. You can also search for items by using the search box at the top of the page. Finally, you can "Browse by Tag." Items in the archive are tagged by subject, location, format, and status. To use tags for your search, click on "Browse Items" and then click "Browse by Tag." Archive items are sorted by popular location tags include: Fort Collins, Greeley, Loveland, Estes Park, Raymer, Evans, and Denver

The Queer Memory Project of Northern Colorado makes no claims about visitors' ability to reproduce, copy, or duplicate any of these materials or documents. Assessments of QMP's ability to use or reproduce these items in any form are included in the item description. Most of these assessments are based in claims of fair use, public domain, or express permission given to QMP and its agents. Individuals or institutions wishing to use or duplicate these items in any way should consult the item description for more details and seek permission to use images from copyright holders when required. 

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Recently Added Items

Colorado Gay Rodeo Association pin (ca. 1980s)


A pinback from the Colorado Gay Rodeo Association, founded in 1981. CGRA is the longest continuous running gay rodeo in the United States.

Un-conscionable, Un-constitutional, Un-Colorado (ca. 1992)


A pin opposing Amendment 2, which passed in 1992. The pin was a part of the "Un-do 2" Campaign which sought to overturn Amendment 2.

Community Memory Board, NoCo Pride (2022)

Community Memory Board-NoCoPride2022-07-16-2022.png

This poster board was displayed at the NoCo Pride Festival in Civic Center park in Fort Collins, Colorado on July 16, 2022. Participants and visitors…

Congresswoman Betsy Markey: "I have a duty to their memories I take seriously" (2009)

2009 Markey Statement - Partial 2.pdf

The text of a speech from the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives by Congresswoman Betsy Markey (D-Colorado) in support of national hate crimes…

Pin: The Rocky Mountaineers Motorcycle Club (ca. late 1960s, early 1970s)

Rocky Mountaineers 1.jpg

A photograph of a pinback button for the Rocky Mountaineers Motocycle Club (RMMC), a gay motorcycle club based in Denver, Colorado. The club was…

Pink Slip: Bi-invisibility in the online archive

Pink Slip.jpg

Pink Slip: This pink slip marks the relative absence of any substantial and explicit bisexual experience or person in the online archive. Existing…

The Advocate cover: "Matthew Shepard, 1976-1998"

1998, Nov 24-Shepard-Advocate cover.jpg

An image of the cover of The Advocate magazine on November 24, 1998 featuring the death of Matthew Shepard. Shepard was a 21-year-old college student…

Convention Program: 6th Annual Mattachine Society Convention in Denver, Colorado (1959)

1959-Sept 4-7-Mattachine Convention Program-Denver.pdf

These images show the full convention program for the Denver meeting of the Mattachine Society. Mattachine was a homophile organization founded in the…

The Advocate cover story: "Colorado Goes Straight to Hell" (1993)

1993-CO Goes Straight to Hell.jpg

An image of the cover of The Advocate magazine from February 23, 1993 featuring the cover story "Colorado Goes Straight to Hell." The articles…