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A collection of more than 40 of the most essential images, documents, and artifacts from the Queer Memory Project of Northern Colorado Online Archive. Items in the Permanent Collection remain on view continuously even as other items in the online archive (200+) circulate. New items will be added to the collection as they are acquired or discovered and processed.


Thomas R. Dunn


September 27, 2021


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Collection Items

"Hemaneh." A Cheyenne word for a person with two genders (Ongoing)
The word "Hemaneh" means half man, half woman in Cheyenne.

Pink Slip: Indigenous and Native people's experiences of sex, gender, and sexuality in the region
PINK SLIP: This pink slip marks the absence in this archive of the stories and experiences of Indigenous and Native people's in this region as it relates to gender, sex, and sexuality.

Undoubtedly, the Indigenous and Native peoples of this…

Section 46 of the Criminal Code of the Colorado Territory establishing "crimes against nature" (1861)
Section 46 of the Criminal Code of Colorado, established in 1861. It made "crimes against nature" (which typically included sodomy) a crime in the newly established Colorado Territory. The law would be revised several times, until it was revised out…

Oscar Wilde sighted in Cheyenne (1882)
The Fort Collins Daily Express reports on a sighting of Oscar Wilde at the Cheyenne train depot in March 1882. It is likely that Wilde was enroute by train from a lecture in Omaha, Nebraska to his first lecture stop in California in San Francisco.…

Advertisement: Oscar Wilde Lecture at Leadville (1882)
An advertisement in the Leadville Daily Herald promoting Oscar Wilde's upcoming lecture in the city at the Tabor Opera House. Wilde's U.S. tour and lecture in Leadville took place several years before he would be convicted for "gross indecency" for…

Fort Collins called a "modern Sodom" (1882)
In an 1882 article in the Fort Collins Courier, the city was labeled a "modern sodom."

Fort Collins "gives thanks" to have avoided Oscar Wilde (1882)
The Fort Collins Daily Express pithily shared with its readers that, in its estimation, the city was thankful to have not hosted Oscar Wilde during his lecture tour of Colorado and the United States in 1882.

"Male harlots" harass Peterson Street in Fort Collins (1884)
An account form the Fort Collins Courier in 1884 describing a known "lewd house" on Peterson Street in Fort Collins and a group of "male harlots" who disrupted city residents in their search for it. Based on the context of the article, the meaning of…

James Kennelly charged with "crime against nature" in Fort Collins (1890)
The Fort Collins Courier reports on the events of the local grand jury, including charging a man named James Kennelly with a "crime against nature." The details of the crime are vague, but may have included homosexual acts. If so, Kennelly may have…

"A paper without...sodomy and sacrilege...is said to be void of news" (1893)
An account on changes in the news industry that included mention of newspapers coverage of sodomy. The article appeared in the Greeley Tribune on April 6, 1893; however, the story was taken from the American Press Association and likely appeared in…
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