QMP Permaneant Exhibit

The QMP Permaneant Exhibit features more than 40 of the most essential images, documents, and artifacts from the Queer Memory Project of Northern Colorado Online Archive. The items in the exhibit range from 1861 through 2009. Currently, the items in the QMP Permaneant Exhibit are orgaized chronologically, from oldest to most recent. As new items are processed or acquired, we anticipate the Permaneant Exhibit will be reorganized with a greater thematic emphasis.

Items in the Permanent Exhibit remain on view continuously even as other items in the online archive (200+) circulate. New items will be added to the exhibit as they are acquired or discovered and processed.

Please note: the exhibit features real life artifacts and events from the region, including some that depict anti-LGBTQ+ epithets and describe or call for violence against LGBTQ+ people. Please keep this in mind as you view the exhibit

To enter the Permaneant Exhibit, click on the link to the right. Once in the exhibit, you can click on any thumbnail image for more information on the item. 

Last updated: September 27, 2021


Thomas R. Dunn