Pink Slip: Bi-invisibility in the online archive

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Pink Slip: Bi-invisibility in the online archive


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Pink Slip: This pink slip marks the relative absence of any substantial and explicit bisexual experience or person in the online archive. Existing stories also need to be revised to mark individuals as bisexual who may only currently be marked as hetrosexual or homosexual.

Bi-sexual invisibility, or bi-invisibility, is a pernicious form of erasure that has been prevalent within LGBTQ+ and heterosexual communities for decades. Its costs are substantial and damaging, not only to bisexual individuals, but also to all people constrained by narrow notions of sex, gender, and sexuality. In failing to actively include bisexual experiences in this archive AND by failing to identify potential bisexuality in people more often recognized as gay, lesbian, or heterosexual, we are contributing to the ongoing promotion of bi-invisibility.

To this end, we will work to include more active recognition of the bisexual+ community in this archive and our work more generally. We will also undertake adding bisexual frames and tags into item descriptions that presume homosexuality or heterosexuality without good cause. 

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Thomas R. Dunn (researcher)


October 2, 2021


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Thomas R. Dunn (researcher), “Pink Slip: Bi-invisibility in the online archive,” Northern Colorado Queer Memory Project, accessed June 20, 2024,