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1899, 09 Nov_Denver as Sodom.png
A Fort Collins newspaper makes a metaphorical comparison between Denver's morals (as revealed by a recent election) and the morals of Sodom and Gomorrah.

30 Dec 1908, 6 - The Larimer County Independent at - Copy.pdf
A report from the Fort Collins Weekly Courier on Rev. W.H. Head's sermon against the sinfulness of Chicago. Particular attention is paid to the "First Ward Ball," described as an "annual event" held in Chicago that was a "second Sodom and Gomorrah."…

1916, Dec 1_Wicked New York.pdf
The Fort Collins Weekly Courier reports on a judge from Florida who compares the city of New York with Sodom.

A century of change.pdf
An account on changes in the news industry that included mention of newspapers coverage of sodomy. The article appeared in the Greeley Tribune on April 6, 1893; however, the story was taken from the American Press Association and likely appeared in…

Pages from LLR_18931102.pdf
The Loveland Reporter characterizes a recent nasty campaign and election in Denver, leading to comparisons between Denver and Sodom.

Pages from 024-FCC-1897-07-29-001-SINGLE copy.png
The Fort Collins Courier remarks on the supposed gender failings of the prolific Kansas agitator, political activists, and orator, Mary Ellen Lease. Charging women with being "unsexed" by their advocacy and rhetorical acumen was not uncommon during…

Pages from 024-FCC-1894-09-13-001-SINGLE copy.png
A poem that first appeared in the Christian Intelligencer, reprinted in the Fort Collins Courier in 1894. The poem recounts the lives of two fictional women who pursue different courses: one who "sought her 'rights'" and another who did not. The…

Pages from 024-FCC-1897-07-22-001-SINGLE copy.png
An account in the Fort Collins Courier of a series of misprints in Bibles. Of note is the so-called "He" Bible in which the biblical figured of Ruth is referenced using the masculine pronoun "He." Corrected versions are called the "She" Bible. A…

Pages from RYE_19180829 copy 2.jpg
An article reprinted in the Raymer Enterprise in 1918 celebrating Labor Day. The article reviews a history of the holiday, including the horrible conditions men and women worked in prior to new labor laws. In particular, the article describes how…

Pages from Houston Voice-111398-Lawrence-Garner0001.compressed.jpg
A front page story from the Houston Voice describing both the great advances made by some gay and lesbian political leaders in the 1992 election, as well as the stunning failures of lesbian and gay causes in some places like Fort Collins.
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