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1920, July 30-Estes Park Trail Talk--pp 9.jpg
An account in Estes Park Trail Talk describing a "cowboy dance" in Estes Park where at least some of the men dressed as women and the women dressed as men. The men were presented with onion "corsages."

1905, Dec 14-WOW Ball-Loveland Register--pp1.jpg
An article form the Loveland Register describing the upcoming masquerade ball hosted by the "Woodmen of the World" at the Armory Hall. As per usual, men in masks would need to buy tickets while all women attendees could enter for free. However, in…

1882, March 23-A Young Man-Fort Collins Courier-pp. 3.jpg
The Fort Collins Courier shares a brief from Denver about a local man that went missing. The man was known for wearing "female habiliments" (i.e. women's clothing). We can speculate that the man may have simply left town; however, even today, rates…

1926-03-25-Male Wedding-Raymer E_Page_1.jpg
A report of a fundraiser put on by the Junior Class in Raymer, known as the "womanless wedding." It consisted of male figures of the community dressing in woman's clothes for entertainment. Several woman who performed the music also dressed in male…
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