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A reprint of a joke about the effeminacy of smoking, as told from the perspective of two male "friends." The joke was printed in the the Estes Park Trail in 1922. The strong implication is that these two men are homosexual. The joke is reprinted from…

1898-1-27-Boys Smoking Effeminate-Greeley Tribune-pp 1.jpg
The Greeley Tribune notes a campaign by the Fort Collins Express to limit the appeal of smoking for boys in the city of Fort Collins. The article notes both concerns about how the habit might make boys "effeminate" and harm their "secret organs"…

1923-Nov 29-Effeminate Athletes-Raymer Enterprise-pp 6.jpg
A report from Colorado State Teacher College in Greeley, where the university's male athletes request sports writers in the state avoid referring to them by names like the "teachers" as they fear being seen as effeminate.

1916, Oct 6-The American Boy-Weekly Courier-pp. 2.jpg
In an editorial, the Fort Collins Courier considers the state of the American Boy, including whether he is being made a "sissy" or if he is far too often pushed into athletics.

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A humor column in the Rocky Mountain Collegian, notes that there are no "effeminate men" or "masculine women" to be found at Aggies. From the context here, it is unclear whether Aggies refers to the column, the university, or some other entity or…

1903-02-11-Bachelor Maid-FoCo Weekly Courier-pp 9.jpg
A newspaper column on a phenomenon called the "bachelor maid." The newspaper seems to liken "the bachelor maid" to a female version of the "sissy man." In the language of the era, this may have been a way of indicating a new performance of modern…

1925-12-10-He Disgusted UsThe Mirror--pp 1.jpg
A review of a perfromance of Madame Pepita at Colorado State Teacher's College in 1925 in the Mirror. The review includes accolades for the performance of the character Augusto, an "effeminate" adventurer the audience is encouraged to root against.

A faux debate, held at Colorado Teacher's College in 1926 to raise funds for the debate team, featured two women--in the roles of a flapper and suffragette--debating "two effeminate men" on the question of who should propose marriage among the…
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