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2009-Ad-Angie Zapata was our Sister.jpg
An advertisement featuring the family of Angie Zapata, a young transgender woman of color who was murdered in Greeley, Colorado in July 2008. The advertisement sought to draw attention to Angie's memory and her murder prior to the trial of her…

1926, Oct 7-Cap Advert-FC Express Courier-pp 8.jpg
This 1926 advertisement for hats is from Taylor Clothing & Co in Fort Collins. The advertisement explicitly uses the name of Oscar Wilde to draw in customers. The hat depicted in the advertisement appears to be a type not unlike those worn by men…

1882, April 12-Advert-Leadville Daily Herald-pp. 4.jpg
An advertisement in the Leadville Daily Herald promoting Oscar Wilde's upcoming lecture in the city at the Tabor Opera House. Wilde's U.S. tour and lecture in Leadville took place several years before he would be convicted for "gross indecency" for…

An advertisement for SPLASH Northern Colorado, posted in Compass, a free publication from the Health District of Northern Larimer County (vol. 23, issue 2).

Sagebrush advert.jpg
An advertisement for the Sagebrush Bar from 1984, the first LGBTQ+ bar in Northern Colorado.
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