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1882, March 24-FC Daily Express-pp. 4.jpg
The Fort Collins Daily Express reports on a sighting of Oscar Wilde at the Cheyenne train depot in March 1882. It is likely that Wilde was enroute by train from a lecture in Omaha, Nebraska to his first lecture stop in California in San Francisco.…

May-18-1887-Greeley-Tribune-p-4 copy.jpg
An article on the boomtown of Laramie, Wyoming in 1887, highlighting the city's many opportunities, but also its failure to confront its rising moral challenges, particularly prostitution, drinking, and gambling. The metaphorical comparison to Sodom…

Undated-Tri-State Lambda Logo.jpg
The logo of Tri-State Lambda, a gay and lesbian organization representing Northern Colorado, Wyoming, and Nebraska from 1979-ca 1984.

1983_Lesbian Connection.png
Tri-State Lambda is noted in an 1983 edition of the lesbian publication Lesbian Connection from East Lansing, Michigan. The account appears in a section called "Bits & Pieces" that collects updates about lesbian life and concerns in other U.S.…

Pages from OutFront 1984.jpg
Photograph of two women raising a glass in toast to celebrate their anniversary at the Sagebrush Bar in Fort Collins, CO.
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