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A visiting preacher to Colorado State Teachers College, in a sermon on "conscience" and "curiosity," discusses the "sex problems of today" of the United States and how Oscar Wilde's curiosity lead to his "horrible crime." Colorado State Teachers…

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A report from the Rocky Mountain News (reprinted by the Fort Collins Courier) on Oscar Wilde's lectures in Denver in 1882. The stop was part of a wider U.S. tour that Wilde completed and included a stop in Leadville, CO. The report includes excerpts…

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A weekly announcement of unclaimed letters issued by the Loveland post master notes that there was an unclaimed letter for a mister "Oscar Wilde" at the post office. Wilde, of course, only traveled through Northern Colorado on train. He never stepped…

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A front-page story in the Loveland Reporter notes the increasing changes in men's dress away from the standard suit to more casual attire. This changes is supposedly "agitating the masculine mind" and has only been held off thus far because of a…

Wilde convicted snippet.jpeg
An account of the conviction of Oscar Wilde for "gross indecency" in London in 1895, published in the Loveland Register. The account is largely if not completely taken from an Associated Press wire report. Note the commentary on Wilde's handwriting…

1892, Oct 13-Horticulture-Loveland Reporter--pp4.jpg
The Loveland Reporter notes Oscar Wilde's development of a new flower.

1882, April 17-The Daily Express-pp 2.jpg
The Fort Collins Daily Express pithily shared with its readers that, in its estimation, the city was thankful to have not hosted Oscar Wilde during his lecture tour of Colorado and the United States in 1882.

1882, March 23-Courier Condensations-Fort Collins Courier-p 5.jpg
The Fort Collins Courier notes that Wilde had begun "transplanting" his "sun-flower and lily theory" to the West coast. While this sounds like a horticultural act, it is actually metaphorical. Both "sun-flower" and "lily" here are references to…

1886-Aesthetics in Horticulture.jpg
In the paper "Aesthetics in Horticulture," T.R. Owen of the Northern Colorado Horticulturalist Society comments upon Oscar Wilde's contributions to gardening--or lack thereof--particularly around the sunflower.

1882, April 19-FC Daily Express--pp2.jpg
A brief newspaper account in the Fort Collins Daily Express describing the Denver editor and activist, Caroline Nichols Churchill, as an "esthetic." The story appears during Oscar Wilde's visit to the State of Colorado in 1882.
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