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A Modern Sodom, 1882.png
In an 1882 article in the Fort Collins Courier, the city was labeled a "modern sodom."

1983_Photo_Pride MarchB_FCGLA.png
Photograph of the Fort Collins Gay and Lesbian Alliance marching in the 1983 Colorado Gay and Lesbian Pride March in Denver, Colorado. The march took place on Sunday, June 26, 1983. The march started from Cheesman Park and moved down east Colfax,…

Screen Shot 2021-04-12 at 1.46.51 PM.png
A series of photographs of the first Fort Collins Pride, potentially called the Fort Collins Gay Pride Celebration, in 1998. The photographs were taken by J. David Eisenberg, a resident of California who traveled to the state of Colorado for work. …

Pages from AGA-9209.compressed.jpg
A reprint of a story from the New York Native describing a pamphlet slipped under the door of the Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Alliance at CSU that called for the death penalty for gays. The pamphlet was written by a pastor at the Laporte Church of…

Pages from Houston Voice-111398-Lawrence-Garner0001.compressed.jpg
A front page story from the Houston Voice describing both the great advances made by some gay and lesbian political leaders in the 1992 election, as well as the stunning failures of lesbian and gay causes in some places like Fort Collins.

Text of the Ordinance No. 22 passed by the Fort Collins City Council on March 3, 1998. The ordinance finds that discrimination based on sexual orientation took place in the City of Fort Collins and amends the city code to limit the discrimination and…

A resolution by the City Council adopting the ballot title and submission clause for a referendum on Ordinance No. 22, which banned discrimination in Fort Collins on the basis of sexual orientation. A special municipal election was held on the…

A Proclamation from the City of Fort Collins, recognizing the Gay & Lesbian Funds for Colorado for 10 years of the commitment to the people of Fort Collins.

Fort_Collins_Coloradoan_Wed__Sep_24__1975_ copy.jpg
The first appearance of a classified ad for "Gay Coffeehouse" in Fort Collins, sponsored by the Fort Collins Gay Alliance. The ad appeared in the classifieds sections of the Fort Collins Coloradoan.

Pages from 024-ETG-1922-11-30-001-SINGLE-ORIGNAME_00495_9SPLIT copy.jpg
A reprint of a joke about the effeminacy of smoking, as told from the perspective of two male "friends." The joke was printed in the the Estes Park Trail in 1922. The strong implication is that these two men are homosexual. The joke is reprinted from…
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