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Text of the Ordinance No. 22 passed by the Fort Collins City Council on March 3, 1998. The ordinance finds that discrimination based on sexual orientation took place in the City of Fort Collins and amends the city code to limit the discrimination and…

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A reprint of a story from the New York Native describing a pamphlet slipped under the door of the Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Alliance at CSU that called for the death penalty for gays. The pamphlet was written by a pastor at the Laporte Church of…

1920, July 30-Estes Park Trail Talk--pp 9.jpg
An account in Estes Park Trail Talk describing a "cowboy dance" in Estes Park where at least some of the men dressed as women and the women dressed as men. The men were presented with onion "corsages."

A Modern Sodom, 1882.png
In an 1882 article in the Fort Collins Courier, the city was labeled a "modern sodom."

1916, Oct 6-The American Boy-Weekly Courier-pp. 2.jpg
In an editorial, the Fort Collins Courier considers the state of the American Boy, including whether he is being made a "sissy" or if he is far too often pushed into athletics.

25 Nov 1908, 7 - The Larimer County Independent at
In an editorial comments, the Fort Collins Courier lambasts the numerous residents of City of Denver, who it calls "Sodomites of the capital city" for their overwhelming votes in the U.S. presidential contest for William Jennings Bryan over William…

1890, March 13-Crimes Against Nature-FC Courier-pp 8.jpg
The Fort Collins Courier reports on the events of the local grand jury, including charging a man named James Kennelly with a "crime against nature." The details of the crime are vague, but may have included homosexual acts. If so, Kennelly may have…

1884-10-30-Male Harlots-FC Courier-pp 5.jpg
An account form the Fort Collins Courier in 1884 describing a known "lewd house" on Peterson Street in Fort Collins and a group of "male harlots" who disrupted city residents in their search for it. Based on the context of the article, the meaning of…

1882, March 23-Courier Condensations-Fort Collins Courier-p 5.jpg
The Fort Collins Courier notes that Wilde had begun "transplanting" his "sun-flower and lily theory" to the West coast. While this sounds like a horticultural act, it is actually metaphorical. Both "sun-flower" and "lily" here are references to…

1882, April 17-The Daily Express-pp 2.jpg
The Fort Collins Daily Express pithily shared with its readers that, in its estimation, the city was thankful to have not hosted Oscar Wilde during his lecture tour of Colorado and the United States in 1882.
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