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1926, Oct 7-Cap Advert-FC Express Courier-pp 8.jpg
This 1926 advertisement for hats is from Taylor Clothing & Co in Fort Collins. The advertisement explicitly uses the name of Oscar Wilde to draw in customers. The hat depicted in the advertisement appears to be a type not unlike those worn by men…

Sagebrush advert.jpg
An advertisement for the Sagebrush Bar from 1984, the first LGBTQ+ bar in Northern Colorado.

25 Nov 1908, 7 - The Larimer County Independent at
In an editorial comments, the Fort Collins Courier lambasts the numerous residents of City of Denver, who it calls "Sodomites of the capital city" for their overwhelming votes in the U.S. presidential contest for William Jennings Bryan over William…

1882, April 19-FC Daily Express--pp2.jpg
A brief newspaper account in the Fort Collins Daily Express describing the Denver editor and activist, Caroline Nichols Churchill, as an "esthetic." The story appears during Oscar Wilde's visit to the State of Colorado in 1882.

Pages from OutFront 1984.jpg
Photograph of two women raising a glass in toast to celebrate their anniversary at the Sagebrush Bar in Fort Collins, CO.

A series of annual proclamations recognizing transgender rights by the City of Fort Collins. One proclamation recognizes the Transgender Day of Remembrance; two others recognize Transgender Acceptance Month.

Fort_Collins_Coloradoan_Wed__Sep_24__1975_ copy.jpg
The first appearance of a classified ad for "Gay Coffeehouse" in Fort Collins, sponsored by the Fort Collins Gay Alliance. The ad appeared in the classifieds sections of the Fort Collins Coloradoan.

1916, Oct 6-The American Boy-Weekly Courier-pp. 2.jpg
In an editorial, the Fort Collins Courier considers the state of the American Boy, including whether he is being made a "sissy" or if he is far too often pushed into athletics.

2009 Markey Statement - Partial 2.pdf
The text of a speech from the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives by Congresswoman Betsy Markey (D-Colorado) in support of national hate crimes legislation. Markey represented Fort Collins and other parts of northern and eastern Colorado from…

1882, April 17-The Daily Express-pp 2.jpg
The Fort Collins Daily Express pithily shared with its readers that, in its estimation, the city was thankful to have not hosted Oscar Wilde during his lecture tour of Colorado and the United States in 1882.
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