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1903-02-11-Bachelor Maid-FoCo Weekly Courier-pp 9.jpg
A newspaper column on a phenomenon called the "bachelor maid." The newspaper seems to liken "the bachelor maid" to a female version of the "sissy man." In the language of the era, this may have been a way of indicating a new performance of modern…

20 Jun 1896, 3 - Cromwell's Kansas Mirror at copy.jpg
A sketched portrait of Grace Espy Patton, whom some believe was the first LGBTQ+ student and faculty member of what is today Colorado State University. The drawing appeared across the nation as part of a syndicated newspaper story on Patton and other…

1899, 09 Nov_Denver as Sodom.png
A Fort Collins newspaper makes a metaphorical comparison between Denver's morals (as revealed by a recent election) and the morals of Sodom and Gomorrah.

The first annual "revive your pride" event held in City Park, Fort Collins in 2021. The "revive" mantra refers both to returning the festivities to City Park--the traditional venue of early Pride events in the city--and a return to pride celebrations…

A series of photographs of the NoCo LGBTQ+ Pride March in 2021. The march began at Old Town Square in Fort Collins. The event took place at 5:30pm on July 16, 2021. Several hundred people participated in the march.

1926, Oct 7-Cap Advert-FC Express Courier-pp 8.jpg
This 1926 advertisement for hats is from Taylor Clothing & Co in Fort Collins. The advertisement explicitly uses the name of Oscar Wilde to draw in customers. The hat depicted in the advertisement appears to be a type not unlike those worn by men…

Sagebrush advert.jpg
An advertisement for the Sagebrush Bar from 1984, the first LGBTQ+ bar in Northern Colorado.

Pages from Houston Voice-111398-Lawrence-Garner0001.compressed.jpg
A front page story from the Houston Voice describing both the great advances made by some gay and lesbian political leaders in the 1992 election, as well as the stunning failures of lesbian and gay causes in some places like Fort Collins.

Screen Shot 2021-04-12 at 1.46.51 PM.png
A series of photographs of the first Fort Collins Pride, potentially called the Fort Collins Gay Pride Celebration, in 1998. The photographs were taken by J. David Eisenberg, a resident of California who traveled to the state of Colorado for work. …

30 Dec 1908, 6 - The Larimer County Independent at - Copy.pdf
A report from the Fort Collins Weekly Courier on Rev. W.H. Head's sermon against the sinfulness of Chicago. Particular attention is paid to the "First Ward Ball," described as an "annual event" held in Chicago that was a "second Sodom and Gomorrah."…
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