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A Modern Sodom, 1882.png
In an 1882 article in the Fort Collins Courier, the city was labeled a "modern sodom."

Sagebrush advert.jpg
An advertisement for the Sagebrush Bar from 1984, the first LGBTQ+ bar in Northern Colorado.

1983_Advert_Fort of July Dance copy.png
An advertisement for a lesbian and gay dance at the Lincoln Center to celebrate the Forth of July in 1983. The dance was sponsored by the Fort Collins Gay and Lesbian Alliance. It was the second of a series of dances sponsored by the organization.

The logo of the Fort Collins Gay and Lesbian Alliance ca. 1983. This image of the logo was taken from a pamphlet produced by the FCGLA and submitted to the National Gay Task Force.

1983_Photo_Pride MarchB_FCGLA.png
Photograph of the Fort Collins Gay and Lesbian Alliance marching in the 1983 Colorado Gay and Lesbian Pride March in Denver, Colorado. The march took place on Sunday, June 26, 1983. The march started from Cheesman Park and moved down east Colfax,…

The word "Hemaneh" means half man, half woman in Cheyenne.

30 Dec 1908, 6 - The Larimer County Independent at - Copy.pdf
A report from the Fort Collins Weekly Courier on Rev. W.H. Head's sermon against the sinfulness of Chicago. Particular attention is paid to the "First Ward Ball," described as an "annual event" held in Chicago that was a "second Sodom and Gomorrah."…

A century of change.pdf
An account on changes in the news industry that included mention of newspapers coverage of sodomy. The article appeared in the Greeley Tribune on April 6, 1893; however, the story was taken from the American Press Association and likely appeared in…

Pages 1923, May 2-The Mirror- copy 2.jpg
A visiting preacher to Colorado State Teachers College, in a sermon on "conscience" and "curiosity," discusses the "sex problems of today" of the United States and how Oscar Wilde's curiosity lead to his "horrible crime." Colorado State Teachers…

Screen Shot 2021-04-12 at 1.46.51 PM.png
A series of photographs of the first Fort Collins Pride, potentially called the Fort Collins Gay Pride Celebration, in 1998. The photographs were taken by J. David Eisenberg, a resident of California who traveled to the state of Colorado for work. …
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